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Petra on pottery

featuring West German art pottery, Fat Lava and more 20th century ceramics


It is funny how some things run in the family, like collecting stupid amounts of stuff.

The pictures above and below were taken in my father’s house. Above you can see part of a wall that would accommodate about a hundred items, mostly German and Dutch wall masks, but also antique wall tiles and hand decorated plates. Below shows part of the other side of the room, where there would be at least 60 porcelain figurines. Where ever there would be some space left, you could find a plaque, wall tile or whatever and occasionally a small vase.


When my father passed away some years ago, this ceramic collection became all mine…

Back then I packed it all in boxes and the collection has been sitting there ever since, next to the boxes with a large part of my vase collection. I don’t have the space to put it all on display and although I like some of the figurines and wall masks, it is not really my thing. Besides, I like my walls a little less crowded.

However, for the sake of documentation I finally started unpacking some of it today. Got my Horst Makus handy for the necessary background (Horst Makus. (2000). 50er Jahre Wandmasken Schonheit und Exotik. Stuttgart: Arnoldsche). Did two boxes so far.

It does feel a bit like a feast of new discoveries, having them out of sight and out of mind for so long. Like unpacking a treasure. And I have to say, although maybe not my thing, I am rather starting to like these wall masks. They are quite beautiful. Will I warm up to the figurines as well? We will see.

Below are some I have unpacked today. Still many, many more to go. Argh, so much stuff, so little time…..



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