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Petra on pottery

featuring West German art pottery, Fat Lava and more 20th century ceramics

These two vases are like David and Goliath. They are a huge Ceramano Pergamon (1959-61) by Hans Welling and a tiny black and white Rüppurr dating from 1955.

The Ceramano is 61 cm/24″  high and the tallest vase in my collection. I think its monumental size works well for the Pergamon decor. It shows a good amount of detail and the horses are really central to the decor. The Pergamon decor has a lot of parts that need to be fitted on the vase. On smaller vases, depending on the shape, it can look a bit cramped. The number of horses is smaller, they turn into little ponies or are left out all together. So, the bigger the better, I should say.

But small can be beautiful too. The Rüppurr is one of my smallest vases being only 7,5 cm/2.8″ tall. It is a bit battered and maybe a bit faded, but with its special shape and striped decor it is still very, very pretty. From a picture it is hard to imagine how small it actually is. But next to the Ceramano you get the idea. You can also see how effective the simple, contrasting stripes work for the vase. However small, far below in the left corner, it WILL be noticed.


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