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Petra on pottery

featuring West German art pottery, Fat Lava and more 20th century ceramics

The vases in this post were made by the East German company Strehla (1828-1989). The pottery of this company can still be found in abundance in charity shops, especially the small vases and planters. You can recognize them from the stamped mark on the bottom. A lot of it is brown, beige, grayish and slightly boring. When I started collecting German art pottery, I took a lot of that stuff home. Then for a while I wouldn’t give Strehla the light of day. Still every once in a while you start looking at things in a different way and I discovered that, true a lot of Strehla I still don’t like very much, but they actually made some excellent pieces too. Have a look at these 3 fat lava vases from the 1970s. Strehla made many variations of the lava combined with a smooth, colored glaze. These vases are usually not very tall, somewhere between 14-21 cm/5.5-8.3″ and they look quite good together. You can fill a whole shelf with these small vases and really enjoy the sight of it. As a matter of fact, that is what I intend to do. When steering clear of the boring, old fashion and sloppy ones, Strehla is OK!

Actually, in the fifties they made more excellent stuff. I will show some of that in another post. Be sure to visit the Pottery and Glass forum if you would like to see much more examples of East and West German art pottery.


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