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Petra on pottery

featuring West German art pottery, Fat Lava and more 20th century ceramics

Featuring here are three vases by Cermano from the 1960s. This German company was founded in 1959 and stayed in business till 1984. Their aim was to make art pottery that resembled studio pottery, but they made it with the modern, technological means of the times. Hans Welling was their key designer from 1959 till 1961 and after that Gerda Heuckeroth took over.

Ceramano made a great number of glazes and shapes usually with exotic decor names, like Amon, Polaris, Odin and Pergamon. The decors of the vases in this post are Incrusta (with sticker), Toscana (with ear) and Riviera (cerulean blue). As you can see Cermano pieces tend to look exotic too. I think these all look like they could have been found in an Egyptian tomb, especially the Riviera. The Toscana vase even has the ´dustiness´ of an archaeological find.  They should be in a museum! Oké, oké, that might be somewhat premature. But I am sure their time will come.  They may not be ancient, but in my opinion they represent some of the best art pottery of the 1960s. That makes them great finds after all!


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