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Petra on pottery

featuring West German art pottery, Fat Lava and more 20th century ceramics

Bay was one of the larger art pottery producing factories in Germany, judging from the number of vases you can still find from this manufacturer. It made a tremendously wide variety of shapes and glazes. It is hard to have a collection of mid-century German art pottery and not have any Bay. In my collection Bay comes second after Scheurich and I never looked for them in particular. The ones I am showing here are probably from the 1960s. Bay did a lot of vases with a molded pattern. The vases on the right seem inspired by Scandinavian ceramics showing a geometric depiction of leaves and animals. Flowers are often seen on Bay vases and abstract patterns like that of the handgranate vases on the left. The company made a lot of variations on the same themes. Part of the fun of collecting is finding the best balance between all these variations, like shape, seize, pattern, color or texture. The same vase can look gorgeous in red and green and absolutely boring in beige and brown. Or perfect in 45 cm and stocky in 25 cm. Molded patterns can become blurry when covered in a thick glaze, while on other vases the pattern is laser sharp. I think the ones I am showing in this post turned out quite alright. In future post I will show many more Bay vases.  For now, notice how the individual vases bring out the best in each other when grouped together.


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