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Petra on pottery

featuring West German art pottery, Fat Lava and more 20th century ceramics

Hutschenreuther is a well established German porcelain brand founded in 1814. They are particularly known, I think, for their tableware and made many excellent designs for tea and coffee sets. Hans Achtziger was one of the important designers to work at Hutschenreuther during the 1950s through 1980s. Maybe he is the designer of the little sugar pot to the left. Judging from the stamped logo at the bottom and the design, it must have been made around 1960.

I like to put it next to another piece of Hutschenreuther from at least a decade later that bears some resemblance in shape. This piece is by Renee Neue. Neue made a whole series of vases for Hutschenreuther that had a splashing display of color on them. They look very 1970s and very unlike Hutschenreuther, who for the most part produced pieces in white or with a subtle decor on a white background, like you would expect from a porcelain maker. Still these are excellent vases with a complex, glass like glaze. Neue designed several shapes, of which two models are shown here, and different glazes. Below two vases with a jug shape, rather stocky jugs actually. I think they are quite funny. For all the modernity of the glaze they are shaped like a Westerwald jug. It makes them unmistakably German.

Hutschenreuther is still in existence as part of the Rosenthal Group (which is itself a division of the Italian firm Sambonet Paderno).

If you are interested in more Hutschenreuther and other German porcelain, check out the porcelain collection of ‘mad collectors’ Axel and Adele.


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