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Petra on pottery

featuring West German art pottery, Fat Lava and more 20th century ceramics

In Germany ( and other countries) from the 1950s onward there was a lot of experimenting with form going on. In the 1950s twisting, turning, denting, curving and bending would result in exiting new shapes to be found in commercial pottery. This experimenting would continue into the 1960s. But the result would be quite different, because at the beginning of the new decade a whole new aesthetic seemed to take over. While in the 1950s most new shapes were, in my opinion, quite elegant and decorative, the experimental shapes of the 1960s seem much more conceptual and ‘earthy’ in their appearance. In the 1950s you would have an interesting three dimensional shape and added to this a two dimensional decor often in cheerful colors. In the 1960s you can find more and more vases where shape and decor seem to be integrating into a sculptural whole. Less extreme examples have a relief and/or a textured surface. The more eccentric examples look more like sculptures or rocks rather than a vase in the traditional sense. I don’t want to speculate on the reasons for this change. I could probably write a whole book on it. For sure the 1960s were interesting times. Interesting times call for interesting vases. Here are a few. (hover over picture for description)


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