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Petra on pottery

featuring West German art pottery, Fat Lava and more 20th century ceramics

Some things I just can’t throw away. Even if they got broken and I should just put them with the trash, I have trouble letting go. My beautiful and huge 70s Ruscha wall plaque that broke in the mail (take a close look at the excellent, complex glaze!). My 70s floor vase by Bay that broke in the mail (what a great shape this 78/45 and such powerful colors! It comes with an ear too). My Schramberg cake plate that my son broke (the lovely Nairobi decor from 1959. He suggested I could make a nice puzzle out of it. Ha!). So hard to find the same thing again.

Still, even broken they are beautiful and I am posting them so as not to let them go to waste in anonymity. Inevitably they will have to go, to make space for other nice and undamaged items.  I might even recycle them in into a new piece of art (where else can you find such beautifully glazed pieces of pottery?). But for now I will just let them sit there and I will have a look at them once in a while. It is all part of the proces. Farewell my lovelies, but not just yet…..


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