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Petra on pottery

featuring West German art pottery, Fat Lava and more 20th century ceramics

Pottery by Lu Klopfer, designer in the firm of Johann Lipp in Mering, is highly collectable. Best known, I think,  is the colorful geometric pattern in blues, red, green, purple and yellow with sgraffito lining. The wall plate on the right is an example of this decor. It measures 28 cm/11″ by 27,5 cm/10,8″. Although it is not marked on the back, it is instantly recognizable. You can find different variations of this pattern on wall plates, planters, vases, wall plaques and even figurines. I saw an elephant by Lu Klopfer on ebay once. Way too expensive for me.

My other Lu Klopfer is not so recognizable. It is a wall plaque measuring 38 cm/15″ by 22 cm/8,7″. Again it is not marked, but the glazes are exactly as the ones on my plate and it is in the style of Klopfer, so I think it is save to make the attribution. You can see the same sgraffito, the solid light blue, the cloudy red and green and the yellow over white glazes from the wall plate. Depicted are two lady saints, one of which is probably Saint Mary Magdalene holding her jar of ointment. The other women might be Saint Mary, mother of Jesus (I am speculating). I wonder if this tile was one of two. With the other depicting the crucified Jesus (Maybe I am speculating too much now). Anyway, It is beautiful and I am lucky to have found it.

The manufacturer Johann Lipp  is still in existence today. It is presently called Meringer Töpferei Lipp. Elizabeth Klopfer-Zankl is now running the business.


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