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Petra on pottery

featuring West German art pottery, Fat Lava and more 20th century ceramics

Fat Lava is the term for some of the best German art pottery of the 1970s. A real Fat Lava vase has thick lava-like glaze oozing and dripping over the surface. In other European countries you can also find examples of dripping and even lava glazes, but it seems nowhere was the lava as thick as in Germany. Eventhough it is quite a bold and unpredictable glaze, the Germans produced some very elegant vases with Fat Lava. Take a look at these four beauties by ES-keramik, Roth and Jopeko. Clockwise starting in the top left corner. Hover over the photo’s for the sequence numbers:

1) ES-keramik vase, marked 815-18 (18 cm/7,1″ high), 2) ES-keramik vase, mark unreadable but probably 883-30 (35 cm/13,8″ to top of handle), 3) Jopeko marked 900-16 (16 cm/6,3″ high), 4) Roth unmarked (25 cm/9,8″ high)

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